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" I can feel them around and a strange peace and tranquility fill me up like a caress... "

Any object created by the man is containing in its essence something sacred, something from inside us, so deeply and mysterious in the same time. Much more, than, in case of an artwork, when, for bringing it to live, almost everything is based on the interior spiritual resources of the artist.

It is radiating around it, something from the aura of the artist who created this piece, stimulating us through grace, elegance and equilibrium. A stop in time, especially in this century, in which everything seems to be controlled by a watch.

That's why, surrounding ourselves by objects created by the full dedication of human being, who brought it to live, regardless if they are strictly usual objects or pieces offered for some esthetic delighting, they are representing an stringent way of maintaining the harmony absolutely needed for our soul and mind. Without this harmony, in which the sense of life is staying, everything might turn to chaos and looseness.

Therefore, the bronze art works offered by us might represent true oasis for our hearts, a spring for spiritual refresh absolutely needed for the future success of any personal undertakings.

Our collection is containing more than 350 replicas of well-known sculptures, whose originals are accommodated in private famous collections and in the biggest renowned museums of the world opened for the public.

The offered palette of art works is covering the antique period, classic art, Art Deco and modern art styles, displaying the splendors of the old and modern times.

They are made of high quality bronze, processed on the same technologies ("the lost wax technique") like the original art works. Their patina is darker, with warm shades of orange, gold and red, shades that only bronze can offer and which are maturing themselves during the passage of time. These compositions are outspokening themselves about the calm, harmonious and quietly atmosphere generated by them.

The pedestals of the bronze sculpture works are made of high quality marble providing splendid esthetic values.

The collection is rapidly and constantly enlarging its range of styles and themes, taking care of the fact that they should stand out in bold-relief at the first glance inside the refined fitting out of your house.

You will discover silhouettes animated by the expression of life so the final visual perception of the artwork will make impossible to distinguish between the real shapes and imaginary ones created by the artist. Where the reality is stopping and where the illusion of the real is going on it is impossible to discern.

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